Audi RS2 cool wagon

Audi RS2

23 years ago there was just one fast wagon, and it was the coolest of them all. A high performance estate version of the Audi 80 called the Audi RS2.

A joint development by Audi and Porsche, the Audi RS2 is an outstanding demonstration of what is possible when two manufacturers known for their advanced engineering capability join forces to produce a car with unusual performance and refinement.

The high-performance estate featured distinctive body styling with a number of typical Porsche design elements and quattro chassis platform with Porsche brakes and wheels. The 2.2-litre 20-valve five-cylinder engine provides the power output of 232 kW (315bhp), which gives the Audi RS2 a maximum speed of 162 km/h and an acceleration time of 5.8 seconds from 0 to 62 mph.

Jon’s Audi RS2

RS2 Side Profile
RS2 Side Profile

– 1996 model year, brilliant black, delivered new to New Zealand (New Zealand sales programme)
– Sunroof, carbon interior trim
– Purchased in November 2013 with 186,000km, it now has 202,000km
– It has a Link ECU currently running 20PSI boost as per the stock Motronic programme
– Fully refurbished wheels in shadow chrome
– Installed Koni suspension kit (H&R springs with adjustable Koni sports shocks)
– Full glass-out respray in original colour
– TFSI coil conversion, new radiator, new fuel pump, new cam belt etc


A previous owner fitted a Link engine control unit (Link is a NZ company) to it which was tuned to only 12psi so it was running a very gentle tune for a number of years. It’s now running 20psi as it should (tuned by one of the “gurus of aftermarket ECU tuning” in NZ).

Audi five-cylinder engine
Audi 2.2-litre 20-valve five-cylinder engine

Exterior and Interior

The colour is ‘brilliant black’ which seems to be quite a rare colour, certainly the only one that colour in NZ as far as I know. It has the carbon fibre trim and sunroof. I fitted a Becker radio to it as a previous owner had fitted something that didn’t suit at all. The Recaro seats are brilliant. The alloys have been fully refurbished in shadow chrome.

Audi RS2 Interior
Jon’s Audi RS2 Interior with Becker radio and Recaro seats, carbon trim.
Audi RS2 Cup Alloys refurbished in shadow chrome
Audi RS2 Cup Alloys refurbished in shadow chrome
Audi RS2 Brembo Porsche calipers
Audi RS2 Brembo Porsche calipers

What I don’t love about it

Not much. That said, the steering is a little light and the clutch a little heavy. The front end could do with a little more suspension travel to absorb some of the bumps we encounter on New Zealand roads, so I’m considering reinstalling the stock springs.


The Audi RS2 has unique heritage (Porsche + Audi) and unconventional styling. It’s also a very practical car – I’ve done a number of road trips with my family of four. My car is a 96 model year car first registered in NZ in 95. I’ve owned it for around 3.5 years. In this time I’ve spent a lot of time and money getting it to a point I’m happy with, including a full glass out respray and fully refurbished wheels (in shadow chrome) plus new OE fog lights.

It’s had lots of mechanical maintenance including new coils (I went to a TFSI set up), OE cam belt and water pump, new radiator, new alternator and new fuel pump. I fitted a koni suspension kit (koni dampers with h&r springs) to it but I still have the original suspension.

My intention is to install a wide-band oxygen sensor and have it tuned. I love how it feels so solid to drive and has very nice manners ‘off boost’. On boost it’s like a completely different car, propelling you towards the horizon in an unending surge of torque and power! The gear shift is tight and accurate and the Brembo brakes are fantastic. Future plans? She’s not perfect but she’s mine and I’m very fond of her! Maintain it to the highest standards and enjoy driving it!


Front featuring bold bumper and grill, Porsche foglights
Front featuring bold bumper and grill, Porsche foglights
Black RS2 Rear
Audi RS2 Rear features a Porsche inspired reflector panel
Front corner
Audi RS2 front corner angle
Front corner angle
Audi RS2 front corner angle
Brilliant Black Audi RS2 rear quarter shot
Brilliant Black Audi RS2 rear quarter shot

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