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Audi Coupe GT owner rediscovers car after 30 years

You only live twice.

It’s not often you get a second chance in life, but car enthusiast Keith has been reunited with his beloved Audi Coupe GT after nearly 30 years.

“When I sold my car I was heartbroken. The night I saw it on eBay I was looking at classic cars for sale. I saw a red Audi GT Coupe and my initial thought was ‘that looks like my old car.’ On closer inspection I could see it still had the old kink near the bonnet catch as well as the marks where a dent had been pulled out and resprayed. I zoomed in and I could not believe it. There it was, my old number plate – the car of my dreams for sale on eBay! It was surreal.”

Audi Coupe GT 30 years later

Audi GT 30 years later

I’m absolutely chuffed to have my pride and joy back. Every time I walk past it I think, ‘how the hell have I got that car back on my drive?’ To the neighbours it’s probably a heap of junk but I can just see it as it was.”

Keith is now determined to bring the car back to its former glory, but it is not going to be an easy task. With the help of his friend and fellow enthusiast work stripping down the engine has already begun.

Audi GT engine block

Audi GT engine block

Keith now plans to restore the car in time for his daughters wedding. We wish you all the best! If you enjoyed this story and would like to follow the progress of this restoration you can do so here.

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