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Sorry Carscoops, Top Gear Is Not The World’s Best Car Show

Opinions are strong. The time for sitting on the fence is over. It is an issue of universal importance that affects us all. Well, sort of..

Car shows. Which is the best?

As for Top Gear being the world’s best car show, I am afraid this is simply not the case. Yes Chris Evans was not right for the show – we all know that – but looking back now at least he was trying to be excited. If the presenters can’t get excited, what chance will the audience have?

The Chris Evans issue caused us to lose sight of other important issues and overshadowed everything. Issues like, is Matt LeBlanc right for the show (or Chris Harris or Rory Reid for that matter)? Ok, the guys clearly get on better than with Evans, but that wasn’t difficult was it? They’ve had the time to gel now, it’s not the first series.

I have tried watching the latest series of Top Gear (I mean really, really tried) and it just leaves me bored. As for the interviews, I feel sorry for the guests. It is all just so awkward. Perhaps Jay Kay can inject some well needed banter and interest into that particular segment tomorrow night, but I am not hopeful.

Which brings us to the features – you’ve gone to Cuba and driven some people around in an old car. Oh yeah, whilst we are at it let’s have a drag race that you aren’t going to win. It’s a very tired formula.

Chris Harris comes across like the type of bloke you would enjoy going for a pint with – knowledgable and interesting with quite a few car stories to share. On TV however he’s a bit annoying, although the guy at least knows his cars (and more importantly how to drive). He’s also got some sort of cult following already and established his car credibility long before his appearance on Top Gear. Rory Reid I find very annoying, and comes across as your average try-hard, popular wannabe Capital radio presenter that’s trying to be ‘down with the kids’. Ironic that the person who gave him his big break was Chris Evans, who according to the masses had no clue when it came to the Top Gear format.

And then there’s Matt. Seems a decent bloke (not that I’ve ever met him) but he’s a little ‘too cool for school’ and, dare I say it, a little dreary. Kind of sits in stark contrast to the buzz and the glitz of the show with its beautifully shot pieces. If anything the latest Top Gear has taken that aspect to the next level and is to be commended. The production team who work on the show are clearly of the highest calibre. Overall though, people are voting with their feet.

As for The Grand Tour, I gave it 3 episodes before I got bored. Over-indulgent nonsense. I, like many others, am a big fan of the trio – but not the new show. What the guys have is genuine comradery. That’s not something that can be faked. Maybe The Grand Tour will get better? Or maybe it won’t. Which brings us back to Top Gear. Yes, it is beautifully shot, but do I get excited about seeing it on a Sunday night? Not really.

Which leaves me wondering.. when will the next great car show appear? Who will it involve and what format will it take? One thing is for sure, we are not short of talent or creative minds (or opinions) in the world of motor journalism. I remain hopeful that one day we will have another prime time TV program about cars that we can truly look forward to. Maybe the next episode of Top Gear will prove me wrong. I truly hope so.

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