2004 Audi Allroad Problems

2004 Audi Allroad Problems: There are many reasons to love the original Audi Allroad. The sweet 2.5tdi engine with its incredible torque. The bulletproof and luxurious interior with plenty of kit as standard..

..Audi’s brand image. The affordability of early used Allroads. Its off-road capability. I could go on. As such it’s a tempting used purchase. Read the reviews on Parkers and you might be led to believe they are even quite reliable. However, as some past owners will tell you, the ownership experience can be quite the opposite. In fact, look on eBay and most cars made between the years 2000 – 2005 will be listed as spares or repairs. If it isn’t, and the price looks too good to be true, then tread carefully.

Audi Allroad
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Things to consider before making a purchase

Air suspension faults
Compressor problems and leaking suspension bags can add up to a pretty penny, and replacing parts is not always guaranteed to fix the problem. Diagnosis and part replacement can soon add up. Arnott C-2130 Coil Spring Conversion Kits are available for around £1200 as a last resort.

Automatic gearbox faults
The gearboxes on these (and the same generation S8) are a common fail due to not being included in the Audi service schedule. They are £3k to replace properly, and an oil and filter change will accomplish nothing. Some of the gearbox issues can be attributed to failings in the gearbox ECU due to the ECU’s location. Transmission fluid finds it’s way along the wiring to the ECU, the coating on the circuit board gets compromised, and then all havoc breaks loose with the ‘box going into limp mode & throwing up fault codes. Wiring breaks in the ECU are common too.

Not particularly economical

The Allroad is a heavy car. The 2.5tdi will return around 25mpg in every day driving. As for the petrol variants, let’s not go there.

Engine camshaft
Early 2.5tdi’s are prone to cam failure. They are often referred to as “chocolate camshaft failure”. Later edition models (2004 onwards) have better cams.

Still tempted?

Feeling lucky punk?! It’s a car you’ll want to love for sure. Find a good one and you might have the bargain of the century. Here’s one we found.

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