Lamborghini 4×4. LM002 was the worlds first luxury SUV


At the end of the 1970’s, an American company called MIT commissioned Lamborghini to design a 4×4. The project failed.

In 1981 the idea was proposed again and after several prototypes had been built, Lamborghini presented the LM002 series model in 1986. This powerful off-roader with the Lamborghini Countach engine was liked by kings, actors and racing drivers.

LM002 shares engine with the Lamborghini Countach

The first Lamborghini 4×4 SUV was delivered to none other than the King of Morocco. In today’s marketing terms that could be likened to handing the keys over to “MrBeast”. How the world has changed. But I digress.

Running costs

Running costs are as you would probably expect.. not very good. When it comes to fuel economy, or lack thereof, let’s just say this vehicle doesn’t exactly sit well in todays “e-this and that” world.

Filling the LM002 is not only a highly effective way to haemorrhage money, it’s also an exceptional method of melting your moral compass: £380 worth of fuel is thrown into the 290-litre tank… only to be burnt in a matter of minutes. 

Top Gear

Engine and performance

Engine: V 12 – 5.2-litre displacement 
Power: 444 HP
Max. speed: 210 km/h

Lamborghini 4×4
LM002 road test quarry
LM002 road test quarry rear quarter
Lamborghini LM002 interior red leather

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