Volvo 244. Weird crush

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You could call it an awkward phase. A fleeting crush perhaps. The Volvo 244 is not particularly fast. It certainly isn’t very aerodynamic.

However, it’s a shape that invokes the warm¬†feelings of nostalgia like no other could. Say what you like about the Volvo 244, the design is bold, unashamed and iconic, and I for one love it for that.

In August 1974, Volvo presented a new generation of cars called the 240 and 260 Series. These new models had been developed from the 140 series and were very similar to their predecessors. The changes included a new front, large bumpers and a further-developed chassis, featuring a front-wheel suspension system of the McPherson type.

In connection with the introduction of the 240 family, a new 4-cylinder engine family with an overhead camshaft began to be used. The previous 4-cylinder was still used for some time in basic versions.

For a short period, the Volvo 244 could also be specified with a V6 engine. A popular alternative on some markets made its appearance in 1979 – the market’s first 6-cylinder diesel in a passenger car (a 5-cylinder diesel engine was offered for some markets).

The new 240/260 family had been developed with rigorous safety requirements in mind. They were, in fact, so rigorous that the car was used as the standard car for safety developments by the authorities in the USA.

Volvo’s 240 model almost became a classic in its own lifetime as it was produced for nearly 20 years. On two occasions, the car was given a major facelift, for the 1981 and 1986 model years. In all, more than 2.8 million cars in the 240/260 series were built.

Here’s one we spotted.

Volvo 244 DL for sale

Volvo 244 DL for sale

View the for sale ad.¬†Although it’s hardly a deal-beaker, unfortunately the stereo is not included.

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One thought on “Volvo 244. Weird crush”

  1. Tim says:

    I love this car so much. My grandfather had a 244DL in exactly the same colour – ‘mustard’ yellow. Bought it second-hand on a ‘V’ plate in 1985 near Peterborough, UK, and kept it for a decade. Wonderful memories choosing it with him and going to collect it. Almost brought a tear to my eye remembering him and those days.
    Thanks for this article.

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