Built to last. Audi 100 C3

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The Audi 100 C3 arguably marked a zenith in Audi build quality. Its rarity and shape still attracts some attention and was a major step forward when the wraps were pulled off it in September 1982.

Audi 100 maturing gracefully – handling characteristics best described as “charming”

It was characterised by a particularly streamlined body, significant for being the first production saloon with opening flush glazing which helped achieve its record-breaking 0.30cd.

Audi 100 – The charm of bygone days – rewind 25 years – even then, the quality of materials and workmanship was incredibly high.

For the time it appeared, the 100 C3 was very advanced in terms of design, and was influential with other manufacturers. Flush windows and hubcaps all went towards that now famously low drag coefficient number of 0.3 for a production saloon, giving the car respectable fuel consumption figures. The interiors were modern, even by today’s standards.

Pioneering technology

There are a few compelling reasons why the Audi 100 deserves classic status. How many saloons could you get with four-wheel drive at the time? How many saloons had fully galvanised bodies at the time? How many 35 year old designs still look fairly modern? Here’s a fun fact – The 100 morphed into the 200 which became the only Audi used by 007!

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