VW Passat GTE

VW Passat GTE

The GTE badge was first ushered in with the VW Golf and it eventually made its way to the more conservative Passat. Bolting a plug-in petrol-electric propulsion unit to a model that is best known for its diesel pulling power was perhaps a brave move for Volkswagen. But it seems to have paid off with… Continue reading VW Passat GTE

By Tim Barnes-Clay 5 years ago

Audi A4 Black Edition. Also available in black.

You might be forgiven for thinking that the Black Edition Audi A4 makes reference to this new special edition cars exterior colour. No. That would be too obvious. Instead, Black Edition versions of both Saloon and Avant variants offer a broader range of equipment additions, specifically privacy glass, black exterior styling pack, flat-bottomed steering wheel, piano… Continue reading Audi A4 Black Edition. Also available in black.

By Simon D 5 years ago