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A Rolls-Royce for the man who has everything

When, approximately one year ago, Rolls-Royce presented 103EX to the world, it invoked its coachbuilding heritage to inspire its future clientele. Such a Rolls-Royce would represent the truest meaning of luxury – a personal, Bespoke motor car like no other for each individual commissioning patron.

It’s a Quattro Jim, but not as we know it

Audi experts have developed the Audi lunar quattro in cooperation with the German start-up “Part-Time Scientists”. It will soon embark on an actual mission to space. The moon rover Audi lunar quattro celebrates its film debut in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi blockbuster “Alien: Covenant” which premieres

“Creases are out, curves are in” says Mercedes

With the unveiling of the Concept A Sedan at Auto Shanghai Mercedes-Benz is giving us an enticing glimpse of its next generation of compact vehicles – and a potential new body type. The Concept A Sedan shows an evolution of the current Mercedes-Benz design language,


The “I, Robot” Movie Car: Where is it now? Audi RSQ

Four designers, ten model engineers, ten weeks, each with (almost) total creative freedom – that’s what it took to create this Audi of the future. The RSQ sports coupe was the first car to be developed by Audi specifically for a major Hollywood motion picture.